Meet Toronto Native Son and Entrepreneur La Mar Taylor, Creative Director for The Weeknd

As creative director for musical artist The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor operates largely behind the scenes, setting the tone, style and strategy for high-profile releases and tours by the music superstar and other acts signed to the artist’s XO label. In the…

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33 Media, Marketing and Tech Stars Who’ve Helped Make Toronto a Vibrant Creative Hub

Call it T.O., the 6ix or “Toronno” (as Torontonians are apt to do), this city along the northwest shore of Lake Ontario has established itself as a vibrant, diverse creative hub across industries ranging from tech and design to music, marketing and mor…

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5 Eye-Opening Efforts From Some of Toronto’s Leading Brand Stars

When it comes to pushing the envelope and striving for huge innovation, Madison Avenue’s got nothing on Toronto. Unexpected, eye-opening approaches abound across efforts for everything from Down Syndrome awareness and soft drinks to tires and hip-hop m…

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