5 Must-Ask Questions for Prospective Creative Hires

Twenty-year veteran Christie Cordes, founder of Ad Recruiter–whose stellar list of clients includes Sony, Jaguar and Xbox/Microsoft–shares her five essential questions. Can you tell me which social communication platforms you participate in and what …

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Why In-House Roles Are in Demand Among Creatives

It’s no secret that many brands are benefiting from moving work in-house–it cuts agency fees and allows clients to more efficiently combine creative and business talent under one roof, something “agencies should worry about a great deal,” according to…

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Powerful Female Creatives Are Challenging Representation on Screen and in the Boardroom

When the ad opens, “Sarah,” a tired, disheveled housewife, wearily faces the prospect of wiping up a messy stove, when boom, a sexy, buff version of Mr. Clean appears. Mop in hand, the Procter & Gamble brand’s mascot seductively washes the kitchen …

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