"Entre deux feux. Bonne année!" Postcard, France 1914

This postcard shows a soldier holding a fox-hole lighter which rope is entangled around a burning woman. A disturbing view! The postcard was designed by "Edition SID Paris" and printed in France between 1914-1918 (World War I). On the reverse of the postcard it is written "Vise Paris no au verso" (ECIL 2025).

On the front of the postcard there are two expressions: "Bonne Année!" (eng. Good

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Photo: Fuelling lighters on the WW1 front

These two photos were taken during the World War I on 20th June 1915 in a military camp in Turenne, Alsace, France. French soldiers are fueling their petrol lighters, mainly trench and rope lighters.

Courtesy by Christophe Beck, Hartmannswiller…

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