Zippo rules like Satan in garbage wasteland

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Can print ads depicting a sooty, charred, burned-out wasteland sell lighters? In this campaign from Brunner, Zippo says yes! See the full version of this ad here, and another one here. Like the shop’s past work for the brand, the new effort is eye-catching and memorable, but perhaps not in a good way. If Hieronymus Bosch (Google him, people) had been hired to come up with a fire-safety or anti-smoking campaign, these grimy, arid, almost apocalyptic visuals (note the devil’s head on this Zippo) might have been the result. “Disposable. Just another word for garbage,” it says at the bottom. The overall effect calls to mind (and nostril) the noxious stench of smoldering trash at the city dump. Ignited by Zippos, perhaps? No matter how you spin it, that stinks.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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